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10 Die in Latest Cult War In Benin

At least 10 people have been shot and killed in the last three days in Benin City and Auchi in Edo State. The shootings are thought to be linked to cults.

Four people were apparently shot and killed yesterday in Upper Mission, Okhun, and Oluku, all in the country of Benin.

Sources said that the violence in Benin was related to a fight for power between the Black Axe confraternity and the Maphite and Eiye groups, which has led to the brutal deaths of mostly young people in different parts of the state capital.

Also, it was said that a famous “big boy” and his girlfriend were shot at a popular hotel near Aikhionbare in GRA of Benin by people who were thought to be members of a cult. They are said to have used an unregistered Sienna Space Bus.

Reports say that the victims are getting better at a hospital in the state that has not been named.

Earlier on Wednesday, a tax collector named “Mopol” was said to have been killed by new Benin near Okhoro junction.

In the same way, Ibrahim Asmat Happy, a student in his last year at Auchi Polytechnic, and a tax collector whose name could not be found were both shot and killed in Auchi on Wednesday.

It was said that an accidental bullet killed the last-year student at Auchi Polytechnic.

She was shot and killed in front of the institution’s campus two gate by people who were thought to be armed cultists who were after the tax collector.

A lecturer at the Polytechnic who didn’t want to be named but confirmed what happened said that the area has been tense since Wednesday, when the event happened.

When asked about the killings at Polytechnic Town yesterday, Chidi Nwanbuzor, a spokeswoman for the Edo State Police Command, said he was still waiting for a report from the DPO in Auchi.

In response to reports of cult-related deaths in Benin, he said, “There have been no killings in Benin in the past few years.”