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30 Killed In Abuja Illegal Mining Landslide

In the Kuje area council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), an illegal mining-related landslide has claimed at least 30 lives.

Yesterday, 19 people were also taken from their homes in the Bwari area council of the FCT.

At the first meeting between FCT Minister Nyesom Wike and the six area council chairmen, the two events were brought up.

The minister, who was astounded by what had occurred, declared that he would contact the police commissioner and the FCT director of State Services to learn more about the kidnapping and assist with rescue efforts.

Wike asked the heads of the councils to set up a task force to keep an eye on mining in their areas. He also promised to meet with Dele Alake, his colleague in Solid Minerals, to start talking about getting rid of illegal mining in the FCT.

Also, Dr. Mariya Mahmoud, who is the minister of state for the FCT, and Olusade Adesola, who is the permanent secretary in the FCTA, said that the government was ready to keep working with the area councils to make sure that the territory grew in an even way.

Danladi Chiya, the head of the Kwali area council, told the minister and the minister of state about the problems the towns were having and asked them to help.

“When we heard about your position, we were happy because you have been the head of a council before, so you know what our problems are. The local government system has problems because it doesn’t get enough money.

“Insecurity is the biggest problem in all six area governments. About 19 people were taken hostage in the Bwari area council just today, on Thursday. I just got back to about five people who had been held captive for about six days.

“Next, there will be the growth of neighboring towns. Sanitation is one of the most important problems we have to deal with. There is also no good way to get around. The cars for the Abuja Urban Mass Transit no longer work.

“Then there’s the question of how land is divided. You sit on your council, and someone you don’t even know will get your backyard. Your cemeteries and places of worship would be given land, and we want to be included in the process of giving out land,” Chiya said.