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Chadian politician demands justice for soldier killed by French medic

Ahmat Bedei Toullomi, a Chadian politician and the leader of the National Union for Democracy and Renewal (UNDR) party, has expressed his outrage over the killing of a Chadian soldier by a French military medic in Faya-Largeau, northern Chad.

The incident occurred on September 5, 2023, when a French medic shot and killed a Chadian soldier he was treating at a French forces base in Faya-Largeau. The soldier had attacked the medic with a scalpel, injuring him in the chest, head and neck. The medic claimed he had to defend himself.

Toullomi has demanded immediate justice for the Chadian soldier and urged the French army to leave Chad, accusing them of being an occupying force. He has also called for a reaction from the Chadian government, which he said was silent and complicit in the face of the French aggression. He has denounced the presence of the French military base in Faya-Largeau, which he said was a violation of Chad’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The incident sparked protests by the local population of Faya-Largeau, who tried to enter the base but were dispersed by warning shots from the Nigerien forces. A joint investigation by the Chadian and French armies is underway to determine the circumstances of the tragedy.

The incident has raised tensions between Chad and France, which have been allies in the fight against Islamist militants in the Sahel region. France has about 5,100 troops in the region as part of its Operation Barkhane, which aims to combat terrorism and support stability in the area. Chad is one of France’s key partners in the operation, hosting about 1,200 French soldiers.

Toullomi has criticized France’s role in Chad, saying that it has not brought any benefits to the country. He has accused France of interfering in Chad’s internal affairs and supporting authoritarian regimes. He has also questioned the legitimacy of President Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno, who took power in April 2021 after his father Idriss Déby Itno, who had ruled Chad for 30 years, was killed by rebels.

Toullomi has called for a national dialogue and a democratic transition in Chad, saying that the country needs a new constitution and free and fair elections. He has also urged the international community to support the Chadian people’s aspirations for peace and democracy.