Abia Government Launches Demolition Drive Against Illegal Structures in Aba, Stadium among others to be Affected.

The Abia State government has initiated a comprehensive demolition campaign targeting unauthorized and unlawfully constructed buildings to enforce compliance with urban planning regulations and the city’s master plan.

Town Planning Authorities from local councils including Osisioma Ngwa, Obingwa, Aba North, Aba South, and Ugwunagbo embarked on the operation over the past weekend. They executed the exercise in Aba, which serves as the state’s primary industrial and commercial center.

Several structures were sealed and demolished as part of the operation. These included a petroleum filling station at Umuojima Junction along the Aba-Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway, 26 lock-up stores at Ayaba-Umueze located beneath high-tension power lines, and Okpu-Umuobo Comprehensive Secondary School along with a mini-stadium in Osisioma. According to reports, the National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) built the latter without receiving proper approval.

Chigoziri Ahaiwe, the Executive Secretary of the Osisioma Town Planning Authority, clarified that the structures that were either demolished or sealed lacked the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities. He stressed the importance of obtaining proper approvals before constructing any building or structure to maintain orderly urban development.

Ahaiwe emphasized the need for collective efforts to maintain and enhance the quality of the cityscape. He indicated that Abia State had previously issued warnings about demolitions and the prosecution of violators, but enforcement was often selective. He underscored that regardless of the offenders’ status, enforcing the master plan and town planning laws would require unwavering commitment from the government.

The campaign aims to address the issue of unauthorized construction, shanties, and other violations of urban planning regulations that have persisted in the state over time.

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