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Akwa Ibom State Government Shuts Down Chinese Mining Firm

Akwa Ibom: The Chinese mining firm Ruitai Mining Company, which was active in the Esuk Ikim Akeme neighbourhood of the Ibeno Local Government Area, has been shut down by the Akwa Ibom State Government. The company’s involvement in the illegitimate mining of titanium ore is the reason for the shutdown.

Uno Etim Uno, the commissioner for environment and mineral resources, announced this during a meeting with reporters and chapel members on Tuesday in Uyo. He clarified that they conducted an examination of Ruitai Mining’s facilities alongside Brig. Gen. Koko Essien (rtd), the Commissioner of the Ministry of Internal Security. The enterprise was engaged in illegal mining, according to the examination.

The main focus of the unlawful business was the extraction of a material that resembled black mud and was found in 50-kg sacks. Zeng Zhonghuan and Huang Ying, the company’s managing director and director, were noticeably absent from the location during the inspection. The on-site personnel members were also unable to present any pertinent data or paperwork proving their authority to work there.

Following these discoveries, the government hired the police and military to guard the location until the business could show that it was still authorized to operate. The deadline for submitting the required paperwork proving Ruitai Mining’s right to extract the mineral is this weekend. This measure demonstrates the government’s dedication to upholding ethical and lawful mining methods in the state.

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