Alex Otti Peter Obi

Alex Otti Hails Peter Obi, Pledges To Fulfil His Pact With Abians

The governor of Abia, Alex Otti, has reaffirmed his commitment to bringing the people of that state out of poverty and emphasized that his administration would pursue policies and initiatives that would bring about wealth and security for the populace.

At an interdenominational open-air Thanksgiving ceremony on Sunday at the Trademore Event Centre in Umuahia, Mr. Otti said, “We have come to work for the Abia people, and we have promised to lead them out of poverty.”

He emphasized, “We have not come here to work for big men because they will always find their way.”

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The governor of Abia congratulated Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s candidate for president in the election on February 25, for his assistance and counsel on excellent governance.

He pledged to live up to expectations and thanked the opposition political party governor candidates who had backed his administration. He also urged those who had not yet done so to put down their weapons and work with him to restore Abia.

Streams of Joy’s main pastor, Jerry Eze, said in a sermon that the service showed that Abia had started “a journey to wholeness” after it healed.

He compared Abia to one of the 10 lepers who received healing from Jesus and returned to him after recovering their health.

Mr. Eze prayed to God to give the incoming administration the resources it needs to make notable progress at all levels and to stimulate socioeconomic development in Abia.

For the governor and his wife, Priscilla, as well as for Deputy Governor Ikechukwu Emetu and his wife, Adaeze, prayers were said.

Onyii Wamah, the head of service, as well as permanent secretaries, the leaders of some security agencies, leaders of the Labour Party in Abia, spiritual authorities, and members of the Christian Association of Nigeria attended the event.