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Alleged Drug Overdose: Man Apprehended After Rampaging Through Catholic Church

Following an alleged drug overdose incident at St. Bernard’s Catholic Parish in Enyi, Boje, the Cross River State Police Command detained Asha Dominic, a man from the Obanliku Local Government Area.

On Sunday night, Dominic reportedly broke into the church and caused extensive damage to property worth millions of naira.

According to a local source, Dominic, known as “Miss Rhema,” works as a farmhand in the area and is said to have taken an excessive amount of the drug “ice.” Under the influence of the drug, he reportedly entered the church in the middle of the night and vandalized the altar, chairs, tables, glass windows, tiles, and valuable documents.

The doors of the church were closed but not bolted or locked with a padlock, allowing Dominic to gain access. People attending morning prayers at the church later found out that he had fallen asleep inside.

While the main priest of the church is on suspension, the Assistant Parish priest, Reverend Father Matthew Majok, visited the church on Monday to document the items destroyed. The incident has sparked concern in the community, and the state Police Command spokesperson, Ms. Irene Ugbo, is yet to be briefed on the matter.