American Female Rapper Lizzo Sued for Toxic Work Environment

American female rapper Melissa Viviane Jefferson, professionally known as Lizzo is being sued by three of her former dancers for allegedly creating a hostile work environment.

The Grammy-winning artist is accused of weight-shaming, and acting in a sexually derogatory manner.

The rapper’s real identity, Melissa Viviane Jefferson, was disclosed in the lawsuit that was made public on Tuesday. The name of her production company and Charlene Quigley, the leader of her dancing squad, were also listed in the court filing.

The plaintiffs alleged that in February, at a strip club in Amsterdam, they were forced to touch nude entertainers. One dancer, Ariana Davis, reportedly felt pressured to participate in a nude photo shoot in order to continue competing in the dancing competition.

The dancers’ attorney claimed in a statement that Lizzo and her management team’s treatment of its performers seemed to go against the rapper’s reputation since Lizzo allegedly, in private, shames and denigrates her dancers in ways that are illegal and demoralising.

Charlene Quigley, Lizzo’s dance captain, was also accused of talking about one of the dancers’ virginity in public without getting permission from her and forcing her religious ideas on the dancers against their will.

One of the dancers resigned due to the misbehaviour, and two of the dancers were fired.

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