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Anambra Students win 2023 World Affairs Challenge Global Championship in USA

Students from Queen of the Rosary College, Onitsha, Anambra State, achieved a remarkable feat by securing second place at the 2023 World Affairs Challenge Global Championship (WAC).

The competition, which is geared toward middle and high school students, focuses on creating and putting into practice solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The Queens’ Lyfe bags, a 100% plantable and biodegradable invention by the Queen of the Rosary College Onitsha team, were on display. They are fashioned from rice straws, banana fibres, and corn husks. The bags’ watermelon, tomato, and pepper seeds enable them to sprout into plants when thrown away. With a team from the USA taking first place and a bilateral team from the USA and Iraq taking third place, the team’s incredible invention earned them the prestigious second-place spot.

In the preliminary rounds at the 2023 World Affairs Challenge Global Championship, the pupils competed against more than 760 other students under their teacher mentor, Mr John Onuigbo. The Global Championship’s field of competitors was eventually reduced to 28 teams, and the female athletes from Queen of the Rosary College Onitsha were awarded second place in the high school division. The WAC global finals participants came from nine nations: Nigeria, Ghana, the United States, France, Iraq, Turkey, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Morocco.

The triumph was celebrated by the school’s principal, Rev. Sr. Maria Chijioke Nwankwo, who thanked God for the accomplishment. She cited the institution’s commitment to giving students top-notch technological education as a significant contributor to their achievement. In expressing her thanks for the victory, the principal emphasized the institution’s dedication to raising students who can transform Onitsha into their own Silicon Valley.

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Students of Queen of the Rosary College Onitsha, Anambra State.

The success of the Queen of the Rosary College Onitsha team at the 2023 World Affairs Challenge Global Championship is evidence of their ingenuity and commitment to developing long-lasting answers to global problems. Their cutting-edge biodegradable bags help the UN achieve its Sustainable Development Goals while simultaneously addressing environmental concerns. The influence that creativity, perseverance, and a dedication to sustainable innovation can have worldwide is illustrated by this incredible achievement, which inspires other students and schools.