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APC National Women Leader Betta Edu Gives staff over N300k as ‘Lunch Money’

The National women leader for APC, Betta Edu, in a video posted on social media reportedly gifted a staff of hers $500 to be used as lunch money.

The lady in the said video recorded herself holding an opened envelope of five pieces of hundred dollar bills.

The lady whose name is Vicky was heard in the video saying to another colleague, she said, “honourable Angel, did you see what madam just did to us.

“This is too much o, this is too much for lunch o.

She expressed her surprise for the money being too huge an amount to just be given as lunch money.

This raises suspicion that the $500 supposed ‘lunch money’ is an implicit demonstration to gain political advantage.

Betta Edu who obviously fancies the position of Minister of Women Affairs, is therefore assumed to be sharing the so-called ‘lunch money’ as a way of lobbying for that position.