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Apple Offers Free iPhone 14 Pro to Anyone Who Can Break iOS

Apple has launched a new program that invites security researchers to apply for a free iPhone 14 Pro for a year if they can hack iOS with it. The program called the Apple Security Research Device Program, is designed to improve the security of iOS by encouraging researchers to find and report vulnerabilities to Apple.

The iPhone 14 Pro is a custom device that gives researchers access to the shell, the kernel, and other features that are normally locked down by the built-in security protections. The device also comes with a dedicated VPN service and an updated bug reporting app. The researchers can use the device to test their exploits and report any bugs they find to Apple.

The application process for the program is open until October 31, 2023, and the applicants must meet certain criteria, such as having a track record of successful vulnerability research. The applicants must also agree to report any vulnerabilities they find to Apple and participate in the Apple Security Bounty program, which offers up to $1 million for critical bugs.

Apple says that the program is intended to help researchers who work on iOS security and want to contribute to making it more secure for everyone. The program is not available for general consumers who just want a free iPhone 14 Pro. Apple also warns that the device may be more prone to errors or crashes than a standard iPhone, and that it may be remotely disabled by Apple if it is lost or stolen.

The program is part of Apple’s efforts to strengthen its security and privacy features, which have been praised by many users and experts. However, some hackers and law enforcement agencies have criticized Apple for making it harder to access data on its devices, especially in criminal investigations. Apple has maintained that it values the privacy and security of its users and that it does not create backdoors or weaken encryption for anyone.

The program is also seen as a way for Apple to attract more talented researchers who may otherwise work for other companies or organizations that offer higher rewards or more freedom. By providing them with a free iPhone 14 Pro and a chance to work with Apple’s security team, Apple hopes to foster a collaborative and productive relationship with the security community.

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