makinde backs wike

Arewa Youth Group Warns Wike And Makinde

In a Press Statement on Tuesday 20th June 2023, the group known as Arewa Youth Group of Concerned Nigerians put out a press statement to address the effect of the lingering political debacle ongoing within the PDP involving key stakeholders as it pertains to Nigeria.

The Arewa Youth Group of Concerned Nigerians, a collective of concerned citizens, expresses deep apprehension over the escalating insecurity in Northern Nigeria and the alarming rates of poverty, unemployment, and soaring commodity prices. We believe it is imperative to prioritise these critical issues and refrain from engaging in divisive exchanges based on sentiment.

As responsible and patriotic citizens, we remain committed to the rejuvenation of our great nation through the implementation of effective policies aimed at fostering positive change. Regrettably, our endeavours have been overshadowed by disparaging remarks from individuals who should exemplify higher standards. It is crucial that we take this opportunity to call for decorum, as the preservation of sanity, unity, and security within our country hangs in the balance.

We appeal to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Nigerian youths, and all concerned citizens to recognise the irreplaceable nature of our nation. Our democracy serves as the bedrock upon which our collective aspirations and yearnings find expression. Our diversity, a divine endowment, remains unchangeable by anyone but the divine Himself. Hence, it is imperative that we embrace unity and progress as the guiding principles for our collective journey. While legal recourse is being pursued to address our concerns, we emphasise the need to exercise caution and avoid hasty conclusions. We earnestly implore all individuals to desist from making unnecessary comments and hurling insults targeting specific regions, ethnic groups, or religious affiliations.

Failure to adhere to this call for restraint will only serve to fuel further tensions and hostilities. Recent actions taken by Governor Wike, Governor Seyi Makinde, and the G5 group appear to have implications for Northern Nigeria as a whole rather than just Atiku Abubakar. It falls upon us to rise to the occasion and confront these challenges head-on, demonstrating our preparedness to counter any endeavours aimed at disrupting the Arewa people.

Furthermore, we call upon the All Progressives Congress (APC) to exercise due diligence in discerning the identities and intentions of these individuals. Their overt animosity towards the North, Hausa, and Fulani communities renders them untrustworthy in every respect. The PDP must acknowledge that we, as concerned youths, remain dedicated to the advancement of our party and our nation.

We unequivocally reject any form of hypocrisy from groups or individuals who display disrespect towards our esteemed elders. The baseless comments and insults directed at Waziri Adamawa, despite his dignified silence, epitomise the graceful and composed nature of His Excellency. Atiku Abubakar, the man who never replied back, attacked, or mentioned in his speeches any political party candidate’s name with insulting terms throughout the pre-and post-election period, He is a revered elder statesman from the North, boasting an illustrious record of service. Where were these individuals in 1999, when he emerged victorious in the gubernatorial election? Where were they during his tenure as Vice President? It is evident that this is not a targeted attack only on Atiku Abubakar but a direct affront to the North. We implore those responsible to promptly retract their statements against Atiku Abubakar. Failure to comply will necessitate appropriate actions to bring an end to this relentless stream of insults. Atiku Abubakar has made commendable contributions to the progress of Nigeria.

If we permit this trend to persist, tomorrow they may insult our Sultan of Sokoto, our esteemed traditional title holders, and our revered elders from the North. The lack of respect demonstrated by these individuals signifies a profound hostility towards our existence. We remain resolute in our pursuit of a brighter tomorrow for our nation, one that upholds the legacies of visionary leaders such as Tafawa Balewa and Sir Ahmadu Bello. We reaffirm our unwavering belief that Allah bestows power on those He chooses, but this should never serve as a pretext for anyone to disrespect us.

Together, let us redirect our focus towards addressing the pressing challenges of insecurity, poverty, unemployment, and the escalating cost of commodities. These issues demand our utmost attention and concerted efforts. By working hand in hand, irrespective of our regional, ethnic, or religious backgrounds, we can forge a path towards a stronger and more prosperous Nigeria. We implore political parties, government institutions, civil society organisations, and citizens at large to prioritise national interests above personal or parochial agendas.

It is only through collective action and inclusive dialogue that we can overcome the obstacles that hinder our progress as a nation. We urge all stakeholders to foster an environment of mutual respect, understanding, and tolerance. It is incumbent upon each of us to refrain from engaging in divisive rhetoric and to promote unity, harmony, and peace within our communities.

As the Arewa Youth Group of Concerned Nigerians, we remain steadfast in our commitment to promoting the welfare and well-being of our fellow citizens. We call upon all Nigerians to join us in our pursuit of a brighter and more prosperous future for our beloved country. We believe that by focusing our energies on finding sustainable solutions to the challenges plaguing our nation, we can build a society that provides equal opportunities, security, and dignity for all its citizens. Together, let us transcend the barriers that divide us and embrace the shared values that unite us as Nigerians. We stand ready to contribute our efforts towards creating a Nigeria that we can all be proud of—a Nigeria that thrives on unity, peace, and progress. May the Almighty bless our nation and guide us towards a future filled with hope and prosperity.