Nepotism: Concerns Arise as Chief Justice of Nigeria’s Son Appointed Federal High Court Judge


In a recent development, the National Judicial Council (NJC) has announced the appointment of Justice Olukayoode Ariwoola’s son as a judge of the Federal High Court in Nigeria.

Soji Oye, the NJC’s Director of Information, revealed the decision in a statement on Friday.

The appointment comes as part of a larger announcement that includes the appointment of one Grand Kadi, 23 judges for the Federal High Court, and four Kadis for the Sharia Court of Appeal in Kano.

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The NJC’s decision has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about nepotism and favoritism in the judiciary. Critics argue that such appointments may undermine the independence and integrity of the judicial system. It is important for the NJC to address these concerns and ensure that appointments are made based on merit, experience, and competence.


As the public awaits further information regarding the newly appointed judges, the spotlight remains on the NJC’s commitment to upholding the principles of transparency and fairness in the Nigerian judiciary.

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With the attention of the world on the Nigeria judiciary system, it is important to say that brazen acts of nepotism and impunity as witnessed before from that arm of government will always be scrutinized.

The appointment of the CJN son to the position of Judge at the FHC will be investigated by our team in ParallelFacts and every misgiving found by the court will be reported.