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Arsenal Unveils a Statue of Arsene Wenger at Emirate Stadium

At the team’s Emirates Stadium, Arsenal has unveiled a statue of renowned former manager Arsene Wenger. The legendary former manager was honoured with the statue to commensurate with his history with the London side.

The Gunners’ preseason matchup against Monaco, a team he once led, will also include the current FIFA Chief of Global Football Development as a guest of honour. Tim Lewis, the executive vice chair of Arsenal, showered the 73-year-old with admiration for his leadership while he was a member of the team.

Lewis spoke with the club’s official media team, he said that the statue was to celebrate Arsene Wenger’s outstanding leadership and career at Arsenal Football Club.

“Arsene’s contribution to, and achievements with the club mark him out as the club’s greatest manager. He treated the club and its supporters to many trophies and fantastic memories and brought a revolution in the running of the club, an unbeaten season and the move to Emirates Stadium.

“It is fitting, therefore, that as a mark of the club’s enduring respect and gratitude a magnificent statue of Arsene now stands outside Emirates Stadium. It is a place where our supporters and all who visit Emirates Stadium can be reminded of Arsene’s contribution and his legacy,” Lewis said.

Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, also made sure to express his respect for Wenger, whom he played under from 2011 to 2016. “The club has done something special for Arsène that he fully deserves and merits,” Arteta continued, “It’s such a great tribute.

“With a statue now at the stadium, Arsène can have that recognition and be here at our club forever. I’m so grateful to have played for Arsène at this club in my career.

“He chose me to be one of his players and selected me to be the captain of the club and that’s something I will never forget,” said Mikel Arteta.

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