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Biden Administration to Award $6.88 Billion Grant for New York City-New Jersey Railway

Senator Chuck Schumer announced on Thursday that the Biden administration is planning to award a $6.88 billion grant to support the construction of a new railway tunnel connecting New York City and New Jersey. The grant comes as part of the $16.1 billion Hudson Tunnel Project, which aims to address the existing tunnel’s repair needs and construct a new one to serve Amtrak and state commuter lines between New Jersey and Manhattan.


Biden Awards $6.88 Billion Grant for NYC-NJ Railway

The Hudson Tunnel Project has been a topic of intense debate in Washington for over a decade. The urgency for action arose in 2012 when a severe storm caused significant damage to the century-old rail tunnel in the New York City area, flooding parts of the city. Since then, finding a solution to restore and improve the vital transportation link has been a priority.


Senator Schumer has scheduled a press conference on Thursday to officially announce the grant. He emphasized that this federal transportation grant from the Biden administration is the largest ever awarded, signaling a significant investment in the future of transportation infrastructure.

Under the Hudson Tunnel Project, the proposal includes the rehabilitation of the existing tunnel beneath the Hudson River, which currently accommodates Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT Northeast Corridor passenger trains between New Jersey and New York. Additionally, a new tunnel and related railway infrastructure will be constructed to allow for the passage of passenger rail trains while the existing tunnel undergoes rehabilitation.


This grant marks a significant step forward in addressing the long-standing infrastructure challenges faced by the New York City-New Jersey transportation corridor. The Biden administration’s commitment to improving transportation infrastructure will not only enhance connectivity but also contribute to economic growth and resilience in the region.