BIGOTRY: CAN accuse El-Rufai of engaging in manipulative religious politics.

El-Rufai Islamic Hegemony Remark: Kaduna State Peace Commission's Co-Chair Pens Resignation

Nasir El-Rufai, the former governor of Kaduna State, has come under fire from the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the 19 Northern States and the Federal Capital Territory for a contentious statement he made regarding the importance of religion in Kaduna’s 2023 governorship race.

In a 5-minute, 43-second video that has gone viral on social media, El-Rufai explains why he chose Muslims over Christians to hold high positions in the Kaduna State Government during a meeting with some Muslim clerics the day before he left the building. He says this is because Muslims supported the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the most recent election.

The former governor claimed to have warned his audience in the video that Muslim rule over Kaduna State is here to stay and that Bola Tinubu’s election as president has effectively continued this trend at the national level.

The leadership of CAN was not pleased with the former governor’s remarks and characterised El-Rufai as a disoriented and drowning guy seeking attention and relevance after leaving office.

Sunday Oibe, the general secretary of CAN in the 19 northern states and the FCT, said in an interview with Channels Television that Nigerians, and Christians in particular, should not take El-Rufai’s contentious statement seriously and characterised him as a cunning character who exploits religion to divide the populace.

Oibe asked President Bola Tinubu not to trust El-Rufai with any position in his government, claiming that the former governor has a history of betraying his benefactors. He accused El-Rufai of dividing the people of Kaduna along fault lines during his eight-year tenure as governor.

Therefore, the CAN scribe cautioned President Tinubu and Senator Uba Sani, the governor of Kaduna State, not to follow El-Rufai’s example by making sure to unite the entire country.

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