Bird Crashes into Plane’s Cockpit in Ecuador

In a remarkable display of skill and composure, a pilot successfully landed his aircraft after a large bird smashed through the cockpit in Ecuador’s Los Ríos Province. The incident occurred without any harm to the pilot, Ariel Valiente.


Bird Crashes into Airplane’s Cockpit

During the flight, a large bird crashed through the plane’s windshield, posing an immediate threat to the safety of the aircraft. However, Valiente adeptly managed the situation, maintaining control and ensuring the well-being of both himself and the passengers on board.


Thanks to the pilot’s quick thinking and expertise, the plane was brought to a safe landing, averting any potential disaster. Despite the intensity of the incident, Valiente emerged unharmed, a testament to his exceptional piloting skills. The blood-covered pilot seems pretty unfazed and continues flying his plane after the incident.