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Black LGBTQ Lawmakers in US Protest Against The Arrest of Suspected Homosexuals in Delta State

Black LGBTQ Lawmakers in the United States protest over the arrest of suspected homosexuals who were arrested during a Gay Wedding in Delta State last month by the State Police.

The Black LGBTQ Lawmakers from D.C. and Maryland joined LGBTQ activists during a protest in front of the Nigerian Embassy on the Northwest side of Washington on the 12th of September to protest and condemn the arrest of over 200 suspected Homosexuals at a Gay wedding in the southern part of Nigeria, Delta state.

Maryland State Del. Gabriel Acevero who happens to be the first openly known gay man of Afro-Latino descent who is elected to the Maryland General Assembly, spoke on behalf of other protesters. He said, “What we saw with the recent arrest and detention is not just a violation of people’s rights with the unjust arrest but also the parading of LGBTQIA folks before the media as if Nigerian Law enforcement officials have actually accomplished some sort of a public safety measure”.

He stated the intention of the LGBTQIA movement saying “Let’s be clear, LGBTQIA folks, queer Nigerians are not a threat to Nigerian identity or National security but Boko Haram is. We are here today to demand that Nigeria releases these detainees and drop the charges.”

Parallel Facts recall that last month, the State Police released a press on their arrest of over 100 gay suspects. “Delta State Command has arrested over a hundred gay suspects in a hotel carrying out a gay wedding ceremony…..”.Recall that since 2014 when the anti-gay law was passed, Homosexuals have been paraded and arrested in Nigeria.