Boko Haram

Borno Attack: Boko Haram Beheads Seven Farmers

Haram Boko

Seven farmers were beheaded on Thursday in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, by suspected terrorists from the jihadist group Boko Haram.

The terrorists assaulted the farmers while they were working on a farm in the hamlet of Molai, which is around 5 kilometers from Maiduguri.

Former youth and sports commissioner Sainna Buba, who now oversees the safety and security of nearby farms, confirmed the killings to Premium Times.

The farmers, according to Mr. Buba, were buried on Friday morning following an Islamic funeral service.

One farmer was able to flee and raise an alarm despite being fired at, according to Abudulmumeen Bulama of the vigilante organization Civilian-JTF.

“Only late on Thursday could we mobilize and arrive on the site. We arrived at a horrible scene: some victims had their throats slit from behind, while others had been entirely beheaded,” remarked Mr. Bulama, fighting back the tears that were welling in his eyes.

Local farmers claimed that the murder had given rise to fresh worries about their safety.

“Security in the jungle continues to be an issue despite our efforts to produce our food. A farmer named Bagoyin Adam said, “It seems like not a day goes by without either farmers or lumberjacks being attacked.

The governor of Borno State just started a significant return-to-farm project and sent about 300 tractor-trucks on Tuesday to assist local farmers.

In a region severely affected by the current conflict, the plan seeks to increase food security and decrease reliance on food aid.

The event is the most recent in a string of brutal assaults by the terrorist organization in the area.

Boko Haram has been responsible for millions of people being displaced and hundreds of deaths over the past ten years.