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Breaking: PEPC Announces September 6th as Judgment Date

The Presidential Elections Petition Court (PEPC) has announced the much-awaited judgment date for the case involving Peter Obi and the Labour Party against Bola Tinubu, INEC, Shettima, and the APC for September 6, 2023. This decision comes after months of legal proceedings and deliberations, as both sides have presented their arguments and evidence before the tribunal.

Peter Obi and the Labour Party are challenging the election of Bola Tinubu and the APC at the presidential election petition court on the grounds of the double nomination of Kasiim Shettima, INEC’s failure to adhere to its own electoral guidelines, Tinubu’s forged university certificate submitted to INEC, as well as the APC’s inability to get 25% of votes cast in the F.C.T. as stipulated in the constitution. But the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Bola Tinubu have dismissed these claims and have advanced their argument in defense of their election through their legal representatives.

As the country braces for this landmark judgment, legal experts, political analysts, and citizens alike are closely watching the proceedings and preparing for the potential outcomes. The decisions by the Presidential Elections Petition Tribunal on September 16th will undoubtedly influence the dynamics of our national politics and set the tone for future discussions on electoral processes, justice, and accountability in Nigeria.

A writer at Parallel Facts