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British High Commission to Partner with NDDC on Clean Energy

The British High Commission has announced its intention to partner with the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) on renewable, clean energy, and green infrastructure in the Niger Delta region.

The announcement was made by Mr. Hamish Tye, the Second Secretary (Political), British High Commission, Abuja, during a visit to the NDDC Managing Director, Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, at the Commission’s headquarters in Port Harcourt.

Dr. Ogbuku expressed his commitment to realizing sustainable development in the Niger Delta region through partnerships and collaborations with national and international development agencies. He further stated that the NDDC had made Public-Private partnerships (PPP) the core policy focus to drive the development of the Niger Delta region.

This partnership is part of a broader effort by the NDDC to achieve sustainable development in the Niger Delta region through collaborations with various embassies, development partners, and donor agencies.

The partnership between the British High Commission and the NDDC is expected to bring about significant improvements in renewable energy infrastructure in the Niger Delta region, contributing to Nigeria’s efforts towards achieving its sustainable development goals.