Channel Money To Job Creation, Nigerians Are Not Lazy – Rights Activist

Human rights campaigner Prince Saviour Iche, speaking under the auspices of the Ambassador for Peace and Enlightenment Foundation, stated Wednesday that Nigerians are not slothful people who rely on money palliatives to survive, but rather that employment should be supplied with an enabling atmosphere for them to earn a living.

Iche made this statement in response to a question on whether or not Nigerians are dependent on money for palliatives.

While speaking to the Vanguard about the FG’s decision on the palliative for the withdrawal of subsidies, he urged that the government divulge the criteria for choosing 12 million as impoverished households in a country with over 200 million people.

His exact comments were as follows: “The proposal by the federal government to pay N8,000 per month to 12 million poor households in Nigeria is not feasible.” The population of Nigeria is above 200 million; thus, the question is how the government plans to find these 12 million impoverished households and what the alleged poverty line of 8,000 naira can buy for the people the government considers to be poor.

“There are more than ten million people living in poverty in Alimosho, where I currently reside. It is under the same APC administration that is currently being led by Muhammadu Buhari that the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs claimed that they spent billions of dollars to feed Nigerian children while the country was under lockdown.

The government believes that the Nigerian people are stupid. The same Buhari administration that is currently in power was giving N500 billion to poor Nigerians each month through the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria; however, this money was never distributed to anyone.

“This is only one of their many schemes, and this government should take that N8,000 and go to the market to observe how expensive food goods have gotten in modern-day Nigeria. Rice can cost anything between N2,500 and N3,000 per kg, while a small bottle of soft drink costs approximately N200 and a paint bucket of garri costs about N2,000. They have N8,000; what do they plan to do with it to help the underprivileged people of Nigeria?’