Sam Altman in Lagos

ChatGPT CEO, Sam Altman, Visits Lagos On AI Tour

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is in Nigeria to meet with members of the tech community and discuss the future of artificial intelligence (AI). Altman is scheduled to visit 17 locations around the world between May and June, including Toronto, New Delhi, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Brussels, and Singapore. Lagos is the only African city on his itinerary.

Altman has been meeting with various stakeholders in the tech community in Lagos, including developers, researchers, and policymakers. He has also spoken to students at the MUSON Center about the future of AI. In his discussions, Altman has emphasized the potential of AI to improve people’s lives, but he has also warned about the risks of misuse. He has called for responsible development and use of AI, and he has urged governments to play a role in ensuring that AI is used for good.

In addition to meeting with the tech community, Altman is also meeting with lawmakers to discuss AI policy. He has spoken to the U.S. Senate about the need for government regulation of AI, and he has called for international cooperation on AI policy. Altman believes that governments have a responsibility to ensure that AI is used for good, and he is committed to working with governments around the world to shape the future of AI.

Nigeria is home to Africa’s most active tech hub, and developers are already churning out amazing AI-generated products. These include Justin Irabor’s Kainene Vos Savant and Richmond Alake’s audio-to-text AI automation tool. Altman is excited about the potential of AI to transform the Nigerian economy and improve the lives of Nigerians. He has pledged Open AI’s support to the Nigerian tech community, and he has encouraged Nigerian developers to continue innovating and using AI to solve real-world problems.

Reported By A.D.S