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Child Labourer in Anambra arrested

The Anambra State government detained Eneh Ogechukwu for employing a 10-year-old child to beg for alms despite receiving numerous warnings to stop doing so. The woman was detained because she continued to do so despite the warnings.

A man named Ogechukwu, who was 27 years old and from the Udi community in Enugu State, was apprehended in the Oyeolisa Ogbunike region of Anambra State when he was employing a girl who was 10 years old and from Benue State to engage in various illegal activities, including begging for alms.

Ify Obinabo, the Commissioner for Women and Social Welfare, apprehended the woman on Friday and turned her over to the police along with the perpetrator, stating that the perpetrator would be charged with a crime in court.

Obinabo, who expressed concern over the situation despite her frequent warnings for culprits to cease their actions immediately, vowed not to let anyone who is caught again go scot-free. She voiced her anger over the incident by stating that she will not let anyone who is caught again go scot-free.

She made the following statement: “Anambra State is not a place where those who commit crimes thrive, particularly those who use children to beg.” We will keep working to collect the maximum number of defaulters we can until the state is brought back to its senses.

During questioning, the person who committed the crime stated that she was merely attempting to assist the family of the 10-year-old girl in obtaining support from the general public in order to raise funds for the child’s medical treatment.

She said to the commissioner that the aforementioned kid is afflicted with tumour disease, which caused her tummy to become protruded. As a result, she began exploiting the girl to beg for alms in order to raise money for the necessary operation.

She admitted that she first began employing her children to beg for money in December 2022 and that she has earned a total of N100,000 through this practise. However, the sum of N400,000 is required by their surgeon in order to do surgery on the tumour.

Following the interrogation, the suspect was turned over to the Ogidi Police Division, and the investigation was turned over to the State Criminal Investigation Department in Awka. The suspect will soon be arraigned before the Children, Sexual, and Gender-Based Violence Magistrate Court in Awka.

The commissioner then brought the child, who was 10 years old, to the hospital so that a doctor could examine him or her and possibly administer therapy.