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China Blasts Biden For His ‘Absurd And Irresponsible’ Characterization Of Xi Jinping

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China describes as “extremely absurd and irresponsible” Joe Biden’s characterization of its leader, Xi Jinping, as a dictator.

The most recent conflict occurred immediately after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Beijing, which aimed to defuse an increasingly tense international relationship.

In recent months, diplomatic ties have deteriorated as a result of issues such as the spy balloon that flew over the United States and collected data from military sites and the revelation of covert so-called Chinese police stations on American soil.

Mao Ning, a spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry, stated that President Biden’s remarks at a fundraiser in California “completely contradict the facts, gravely violate diplomatic protocol, and gravely insult China’s political dignity.”

“It is a blatant political provocation,” Ms. Mao stated during a daily press briefing.

“China expresses strong dissatisfaction and opposition.”

At a fundraiser on Tuesday, President Biden claimed that the recent tensions surrounding the air force’s downing of the spy balloon over the East Coast had humiliated President Xi.

“That’s a tremendous embarrassment for dictators. He stated that they were unaware of what had transpired.

Ms. Mao reiterated China’s position that the balloon was intended for meteorological research but had unintentionally veered off course.

She stated that the United States should have managed the situation calmly and professionally.

However, the United States distorted the facts and used force to amplify the incident, revealing its true nature of aggression and hegemony.

Mr. Blinken’s trip was postponed by several months due to the international uproar caused by the balloon incident.

In the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea, the United States asserts that Chinese warplanes and naval vessels have conducted threatening manoeuvres towards their American counterparts in recent days, despite agreements on protocols to avoid such incidents.

On Monday, following his meeting with President Xi, Mr. Blinken acknowledged entrenched differences.

“We are not naive regarding the difficulty of managing this relationship. “There are numerous issues on which we disagree vehemently,” he stated.