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Cocaine Found Inside White House, Prompting Temporary Safety Closure

A white powder discovered within the White House premises late on Sunday has been confirmed to be cocaine, according to a source familiar with the matter. Washington’s fire department and emergency services were responsible for the identification, revealing the alarming presence of illicit drugs in the iconic building. The cocaine powder was found specifically in the West Wing, although no additional details have been provided at this time.

Cocaine Found Inside White House

about the white house

The West Wing, which houses essential facilities such as the Oval Office, the cabinet room, press area, and workspaces for the president’s staff, is directly connected to the executive mansion where President Joe Biden resides. Regularly bustling with hundreds of individuals who work there or pass through, the West Wing is a critical hub of activity within the White House complex.

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The Secret Service, responsible for the security of the president and the White House, announced on Tuesday that an “unknown item” which later tested as cocaine had been discovered in a workspace within the West Wing on Sunday. This prompted the temporary closure of the White House complex as the Secret Service Uniformed Division officers swiftly conducted an investigation.


“In light of the unknown item found inside a work area, the White House complex was precautionarily closed on Sunday evening while the Secret Service Uniformed Division officers carried out an investigation,” stated a Secret Service spokesperson in an emailed statement.

A second source familiar with the matter revealed that the substance was detected during a routine sweep of the area conducted by the Secret Service. After thorough examination, it was confirmed to be cocaine, raising concerns about the breach of security protocols.

“The DC Fire Department was summoned to assess the situation and promptly determined the item to be non-hazardous,” added the Secret Service spokesperson. The discovery has prompted an investigation into the origin and method by which the illicit substance entered the White House, aiming to address any potential security vulnerabilities.


Fortunately, President Joe Biden was not present at the White House on Sunday. He and his family had returned earlier that morning from a weekend retreat at the presidential facility in Camp David.

Initial reports on this incident were published by The Washington Post, shedding light on the concerning discovery within the highest seat of power in the United States.