Collaboration For Tech Inclusion: VCO Foundation, Decagon Institute Partner To Empower Unemployed Youths In Anambra

The Former Gubernatorial Candidate of the PDP in Anambra State, Valentine Chineto Ozigbo, who doubles as the founder of VCO Foundation has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with the Decagon Institute to address the issue of youth unemployment in Anambra State by equipping young individuals with software engineering skills and facilitating their entry into the global tech industry.

This momentous partnership between the VCO Foundation, a prominent non-profit organization in Nigeria, and the esteemed Decagon Institute presents a remarkable opportunity for ambitious graduates in Anambra who are interested in the tech field.

Under the collaboration, the VCO Foundation will extend its support by offering a guarantee of N400 million to enable 100 students from Anambra to easily access student loans for their enrollment in the Decagon Software Engineering Training Program.

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Through this initiative, the VCO Foundation and Decagon Institute seek to bridge the technology gap by empowering Anambra’s unemployed youth with the necessary training and resources to become proficient software engineers.

By providing financial support and facilitating their integration into the tech industry, this alliance strives to uplift the prospects and career opportunities for these young individuals, paving the way for a brighter future.

“We are proud to enter into this partnership with Decagon Institute. Through this partnership, we are investing not only in the individuals but the entire Ndi Anambra community and beyond,” Valentine Ozigbo, a multiple-award-winning global CEO and the Founder of VCO Foundation, said.

“By empowering our youth with cutting-edge tech skills, we are equipping them to become drivers of innovation and progress.

“The Decagon Programme is more than just learning to code; it’s about unlocking potentials, creating opportunities, and shaping the future of Anambra. When our young people succeed, we all succeed,” Mr Ozigbo added.

Renowned for its holistic training approach, Decagon Institute has graduated roughly 1,000 software engineers to date, successfully placing alumni in prestigious tech firms like Microsoft, JP Morgan, Interswitch, Flutterwave, and Sterling Bank.

Their training program, unique for its PAY AFTER YOU LEARN option, provides accommodation, meals, laptops, and a supportive community of software engineers.

The VCO Foundation’s role in the partnership will be pivotal in helping Anambra individuals, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, to gain access to Decagon’s comprehensive training. The foundation is steadfast in its belief that education and technology can catalyse social transformation.

“We are thrilled to join hands with the VCO Foundation, extending our programme’s reach to gifted individuals from Anambra State,”said Mr Chika Nwobi, CEO of Decagon Institute.

“This partnership strengthens our commitment to equipping them with essential skills and support for their tech industry success, ensuring a promising future.”

This alliance promises to build a generation of adept tech professionals who can drive innovation and economic growth in Anambra State but also marks a significant stride in narrowing the skills gap and promoting inclusivity in the tech sector for Anambra indigenes.

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