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Conor McGregor Denies Sexual Assault Charges, He Says The Lady Who Said He ‘Pushed Her Into The Restroom’ Merely Wants Money

“This is nothing but a shakedown.”

Conor McGregor is standing firm in his denial of the sexual assault charges made against him, calling them “no more than a shakedown.”

In the VIP men’s restroom at Game 4 of the NBA Finals last week in Miami, McGregor, who is expecting his fourth kid with his fiancée, is accused of forcing the anonymous complainant to engage in oral sex on him and making an attempt to sodomise her.

The letters the woman sent to McGregor’s team, the Miami Heat, and the Kayesa Centre, the scene of the alleged incident, were shared with by the woman’s lawyer.
She claimed that she reported her allegations to Miami Police on Wednesday and provided them with a bag of clothing that she believes includes McGregor’s DNA.

The two, along with McGregor’s security, are shown strolling into the lavatory together in a TMZ-obtained video.

Before the door closes behind them, he appears to take her by the hand and lead her into the bathroom.

He thinks the video refutes the woman’s first claim that he and his security personnel coerced her into using the lavatory.

‘Since the TMZ video was made public, the claimant’s attorney has altered her account. Mr. McGregor welcomes the probe because he is confident it will disprove the accusations made against him.

She turned to the media to exert pressure after failing to comply with the claimant’s counsel’s demand for payment.

Barbara R. Llanes, McGregor’s attorney, declared in a statement that “this is nothing more than a shakedown.”

In the beginning, the defence counsel representing the accuser claimed that he and his security had ‘forced’ the woman into the lavatory.

She changed her statement after the video was made public, claiming that the woman believed she was being led from the location to the Four Seasons.

Conor had earlier asked her to join him in his hotel room, so my client assumed they were departing and travelling to the Four Seasons.

She insists that a stranger came up to her and said, “Conor told me to come get you.”

She claims that McGregor led her into the restroom as she was leaving the location.

Attorney Ariel Mitchell stated, “My client thought they were leaving, but Conor took her into the bathroom.”

She had the victim physically forced into the men’s toilet by security, isolating her from her buddy and confining her inside with Mr. McGregor and his security guard, as she had originally claimed in her letter. ‘Mr. McGregor, assisted and abetted by the NBA and Miami Heat Kaseya security, had the victim physically forced via security,’ she had said.

The article continued to say that he had ‘trapped’ her inside before forcing himself on her.

According to the legal document, “Mr. McGregor then emerged from inside the disabled stall and shoved his tongue in the victim’s mouth and aggressively kissed her.”

According to the woman’s counsel, she then informed him that she needed to use the restroom.

The woman claims that while she was in the lavatory, McGregor ‘took out his penis and rammed it down the victim’s throat’. 

Although she claims to have been able to move him off of her, she claims that he subsequently spit on both her and himself “in a desperate attempt to get his flaccid penis hard.”

She then made an attempt to escape, but claims McGregor “aggressively grabbed her, pinned her up against the wall,” and attempted an anal rape.

The victim repeatedly elbowed Mr. McGregor until she was able to flee because Mr. McGregor’s penis was too limp to allow for total penetration, the letter continued.

Following the incident, statements were released by the Miami Heat and the UFC.

The Heat stated, “We are aware of the claims and are looking into them thoroughly.” We won’t make any further comments until the investigation’s findings are known.

‘The organisation is aware of the current allegations against Conor McGregor and will continue to gather further information regarding the incident,’ the UFC said in a statement.

“UFC will wait for the legal process to conclude before making any further statements,” it said.