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Coup Pandemic: Cameroun, Rwanda Retire Military top Brass

In a move to curtail the incessant coups plaguing the continent, Rwanda and Cameroon have hurriedly retired over 1,000 military top brass in a surprise move against their respective militaries.

Twelve generals, including two four-star generals (James Kabarebe and Fred Ibingira), two three-star generals (Charles Kayonga and Frank Mushyo Kamanzi), and a number of commanders, had their retirements accepted by the Rwandan government.

The government reportedly gave the go-ahead for 12 generals and several commanders to retire, according to the News Times, a national daily of Rwanda. According to the article, the Rwanda Defense Force released a statement on Wednesday announcing the retirements.

James Kabarebe and Fred Ibingira, two four-star generals, and Charles Kayonga and Frank Mushyo Kamanzi, two three-star generals, are among those who have retired.

While the other two had previously been service chiefs, Kabarebe and Kayonga had previously held the position of Chief of Defense Staff of the RDF.

The following sentence is excerpted from the statement: “The President has also approved the retirement of 83 senior officers, six junior officers, and 86 senior non-commissioned officers, 678 whose contracts ended, and 160 medical discharges.”

President Paul Biya of Cameroon has also changed the composition of the armed forces by appointing new members to the Controle Generale des Armees.

Capt. Ajeagah Njei Félix Colonel and Colonel Nguema Ondo Bertin Bourger are the new controllers.

The jobs of Technical Advisers, Bureau Commissariat, and Air Force Technical Inspector were also filled with new hires.

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