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Crimea Blasts, Pro-Russia Officials Blames Ukraine Drone Attack

Residents of the Russian-occupied Crimea reported an explosion early on Saturday near the bridge that connects the peninsula to the Russian mainland, but a Russian officer stationed there denied the bridge had been attacked.

Other pro-Russian authorities in occupied Ukrainian territory claimed that a drone attack was to blame for the explosions. According to some sources, a tanker flying the Russian flag was damaged.

Ukraine didn’t respond to the reports in any way.

It was the third time in the previous 24 hours that traffic on the bridge had been stopped.

Oleg Kryuchkov, a Russian-installed counselor to the Crimea governor, reiterated that there was no direct attack on the bridge and that there was no nearby explosion.

Three explosions were recorded in the vicinity, according to the UNIAN news agency in Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian news sources and pro-Russian authorities in the seized portions of Ukraine, Ukrainian drones struck a tanker ship in the Kerch Strait that was flying the SIG’s flag and operating under a Russian flag.

According to some sources, the tanker was transporting gasoline to Syria.

Vladimir Rogov, a Russian-appointed official in Zaporizhzhia’s southeast, posted an audio tape in which the ship requested a tugboat pull. The incident, which took place 32 nautical miles from the Kerch Strait, allegedly involved no injuries.

During the 17-month-old Russian invasion of Ukraine, the bridge that Russia constructed in 2018 was the target of two significant attacks, the most recent of which occurred last month. This was four years after Moscow invaded the peninsula from Ukraine.

Only indirectly has Ukraine taken responsibility for the assaults. #Crimea


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