Dele Farotimi

Dele Farotimi: APC Does Not Care About Nigerians

Dele Farotimi, a lawyer and political analyst, highlighted his concerns about the situation in Nigeria in a recent interview with ARISE News, saying that “Nothing in our country makes sense anymore.” Farotimi’s submission is set against the backdrop of the federal government’s subsidy program intended to lessen the effects of rising fuel prices, which he calls “medicine after death,” highlighting how the palliative measures have not been sufficient in appropriately addressing the concerns of the general public.

According to Dele Farotimi, the lack of adequate aid reveals a mismatch between the government’s activities and the actual needs of the populace, as well as the APC’s lack of concern for the misery of common Nigerians.

Dele Farotimi
Dele Farotimi

Concerns about the impact of subsidized palliatives on the average Nigerian continue to be raised, as the effectiveness of the measure is still being contested.

As for the status of the Nigerian judiciary, Farotimi said that “it has been compromised to an extent almost beyond redemption.” Farotimi’s testimony reveals grave concerns about the independence and integrity of the Nigerian judicial system.

His comments come at a time when concerns about the judiciary’s objectivity and integrity have been brought up in conversations and debates.

Stakeholders and the general public are waiting for more information about the scope and potential repercussions of this alleged compromise within the nation’s legal institutions as the country struggles with the ramifications of Farotimi’s statement.

It is up to the courts to save Nigeria from itself, Dele Farotimi continued. He said that the judiciary must step up and save the country from its current problems.

His words highlight how crucial a robust and independent court is to upholding the law, ensuring justice, and preserving the nation’s democratic values.

Farotimi’s call emphasizes the judiciary’s duty to function as a foundation of stability and fairness, playing a crucial role in protecting the future of the country as Nigeria grapples with several economic and political crises.

Dele Farotimi
Dele Farotimi


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