Disability Rights Advocates Dispute Exclusion from Ministerial List

People with Disabilities (PWDs) protested the absence of members of their group from Bola Tinubu’s list of ministry appointees.

The Community of PWDs said in a statement to the media following a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja that the omission of PWDs was against the 2018 Discrimination Against PWDs Prohibition Act.

The Act, according to the organization, mandates that at least 5% of PWDs be appointed to public offices.

The current absence of representation on the Federal Executive Council list, according to Mr. Jake Epelle, chief executive officer of The Albino Foundation (TAF), Africa, represents a squandered opportunity to advance equity and justice for PWDs in Nigeria.

Prior to the formation of the cabinet, he claimed, PWDs, their advocacy groups, and the House of Representatives had pushed for the distribution of 10% of ministerial positions to people with disabilities.

Epelle stated that numerous PWD organizations, together with other political figures and the general public, had previously urged Tinubu to designate PWDs as ministers.

He continued by saying that the idea of establishing a separate ministry for matters pertaining to people with disabilities was also brought up.

He asserted that the group’s exclusion from the new cabinet list dashed the enthusiasm and anticipation these negotiations had generated.

If the president is associated with the community, Ms. Grace Jerry of the Inclusive Friends Association stated that it was time to share the PWD community’s objectives with him.

“If there are currently 48 nominees, it means that additional allowances can still be created to include additional PWDs,” she remarked.

“We’re pleading with this administration. More qualified PWDs who have been discovered and are actively engaged can still fill these ministerial responsibilities, and improvements can still be made.

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