#DisqualifyTinubuNow Is Trending Globally


Why #DisqualifyTinubuNow Is Trending across Social Media Channels Twitter

In the wake of the brutal EU Assessment Report on the conduct of the February 25th Presidential Elections, the hashtag #DisqualifyTinubuNow has been trending on Twitter since Saturday.

EU EOM: APC, PDP went against Nigerian rotational Representation.
EU EOM: APC, PDP went against Nigerian rotational Representation.

A quick peep into the hashtag #DisqualifyTinubuNow will show the weary concerns of Nigerians over the eligibility of Bola Tinubu to contest the presidency in the first place.

Nigerians are calling on the judiciary to do what is right and disqualify Bola Tinubu on grounds of falsification of certificates, dual citizenship, and his involvement in money laundering in the United States of America, where he forfeited $460,000 for heroin trafficking amongst other offenses.

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It was a spate of media trials and, rightfully so, condemnation of the 19-year-old Mmesoma, who allegedly falsified her JAMB result and almost succeeded in hoodwinking the entire nation. The outcry and scrutiny she got were justified, but the question Nigerians are asking is if the law treats everyone equally. If Mmesoma could get a 3-year ban from JAMB, why should a man with all the dubious records of Tinubu be allowed to contest for the highest position in the land?

An investigative journalist and the man who is responsible for exposing most of the shady character of Tinubu, David Hundeyin, said in a tweet, “Tyrone from Chicago’s South Side can spend all his money and deploy all his media assets to push all the propaganda he wants. He will never be anything more than Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the drug-peddling degenerate and forgery merchant. He is not my president. #DisqualifyTinubuNow” 

Another prominent Twitter handle, Jaypee @JaypeeGeneral said, “INEC FAILED to follow its own guidelines in the conduct of the 2023 presidential election. The polling unit level results were NOT transmitted to IREV in REAL TIME as promised by the umpire! What happened on February 25 was a SELECTION not an election. #DisqualifyTinubuNow #AllEyesOnTheJudiciary

From the tweets emanating from the hashtag #DisqualifyTinubuNow, it is pertinent to say that the Nigerian Judiciary cannot afford to take the country for granted and rule on technicalities but must base their judgment on the merits and demerits of the evidence presented before them. 

It will be interesting to watch as events unfold to see if the judiciary will toe the line of their counterparts in Kenya and save the country, or if they will bow to one percent of the population. For now, #DisqualifyTinubuNow is the Mantra on the streets of the nation.