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Ebonyi Chief Justice Turns State Judiciary to Family Affair, Allegedly Appoint Wife and Brother as Magistrates

According to recent reports, the Nigerian judiciary’s ongoing corruption issues appear to persist as the Chief Judge of Ebonyi Stat,  Justice Elvis Ngene has appointed his wife and brother as Magistrates.

This concerning development has come to light through a letter of appointment issued by the Ebonyi State Ministry of Justice and sighted by Parallel Facts. Racall, Parallel Facts had earlier reported the prevalent judicial rascality in Nigerian Judiciary and the malicious effects on the system. The Ebonyi scenario, where the New Chief Judge is turning the state judiciary into a family business has further shown the rot in the system.

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In order to address this matter effectively, it is imperative for the National Judicial Council to take swift action and eliminate the corrupt elements that have infiltrated the Nigerian judiciary.

This urgent action is necessary to combat the worrisome state of affairs described by Mr. Dele Farotimi as the “Bulkachuwanisation” of the judicial system. Additionally, it is crucial for the council to denounce any instances of judicial work being transformed into a family enterprise, devoid of impartiality and influenced by personal connections.

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