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Economic Activities Disrupted, as Floods take over Major Roads in Lagos

Due to Saturday’s early-morning downpour in Lagos, many neighborhoods in the commercial city are now underwater, with homes and other properties being damaged.

Residents were trapped indoors in a pool of water due to the flood that followed the downpour, which caught them off guard.

Satellite Town, Oko-baba in Agege, Egbede, Ikotun, Ajegunle, and Ojo are among the most severely impacted localities.

Residents have contacted the Lagos administration for assistance as the floods continue to engulf streets and homes.

According to a prediction by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency(Nimet), Lagos state was among the states mentioned to experience “heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.”

Motorists and Passengers going to Mile 12 were left with not many options as the flood from the morning rain took over. Movement and Businesses were interrupted during the flood’s reign.

Passengers and motorists urged the Lagos State Government to clear drainages to avert such flood incidents.