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EU Election Observation Mission Reports Orchestrated Violence in 2023 Elections

EU EOM: The 2023 elections were marred by orchestrated violence to subvert the process and manipulate the elections.

In a recently published report, the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) has highlighted the prevalence of orchestrated violence during the recent elections, which were widely assessed by stakeholders as an attempt to subvert the democratic process and manipulate the outcomes. The report sheds light on the alarming increase in violent incidents in the days leading up to both federal and state-level polls.

During the observation period, the EU EOM meticulously documented 101 cases of campaign-related violence, resulting in the tragic loss of 74 lives. It is worth noting that the majority of these recorded incidents were associated with state-level elections, indicating a concentrated effort to disrupt the electoral process at a local level.

Chief Observer, EU, Mr Barry Andrews.

The report emphasizes that the violence primarily emanated from politically sponsored thugs who were deployed with the intention of intimidating opponents, obstructing opposition campaign activities, and creating an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty to dissuade both supporters and voters from participating in the elections. These thugs, acting as instruments of coercion, sought to manipulate the outcome of the electoral process by creating a precarious environment that favoured certain candidates or parties.


The EU EOM report represents a significant concern for the democratic principles and values that underpin free and fair elections. The findings indicate a deliberate and systematic attempt to undermine the electoral process, thereby compromising the legitimacy of the results. The use of violence to manipulate elections not only infringes upon the rights of citizens but also erodes public trust in the democratic system.

The international community will undoubtedly be closely monitoring the response of the government to these findings, as the credibility of the electoral process and the overall democratic progress of the nation hang in the balance.

The European Union Election Observation Mission quoted in their report:

“The elections were marred by orchestrated violence widely assessed by stakeholders to have been strategically used to subvert the process and manipulate the elections. In both federal and state-level polls, violent incidents dramatically increased shortly before the election days.”



“During the observation period, the EU EOM recorded 101 cases of campaign-related violence resulting in 74 fatalities. The majority of recorded incidents were related to state-level elections.54 Most violence resulted from the deployment of politically sponsored thugs intended to intimidate opponents, obstruct opposition campaign activities, and deter supporters and voters from participation by creating a precarious environment.”