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EU Signs €1 Billion Deal with Tunisia to Curb Illegal Migration


In a significant development, the European Union (EU) and Tunisia have signed a deal valued at €1 billion ($1.1 billion), which includes funding of €105 million dedicated to a new partnership aimed at tackling the issue of people smuggling.

This partnership is particularly crucial as an increasing number of migrants are making their way to Europe, either from Tunisia or through the country located in North Africa. Italy’s Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, who was present during the talks held in Tunisia, lauded the agreement as a “model” for EU-North African relations.

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The deal encompasses more than just measures to combat people smuggling. It also incorporates loans that will provide much-needed assistance to the North African nation struggling economy. The country has been grappling with economic challenges, and the financial support aims to help stabilize its collapsing economy.

By addressing the issue of people smuggling, the EU and Tunisia are working together to tackle a pressing concern that affects both regions. The agreement reflects a mutual commitment to cooperation and collaboration between the EU and North African nations. The EU views this partnership as a potential model for future engagements with other North African countries, fostering stronger ties and addressing common challenges.

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The financial aid and loans provided to Tunisia demonstrate the EU’s commitment to supporting the country’s economic recovery and development. The agreement recognizes the importance of bolstering Tunisia’s economy, which can contribute to stability and improve living conditions for its citizens. This holistic approach aims to address both the immediate challenges faced by Tunisia and the underlying factors that contribute to irregular migration.

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The deal signed between the EU and Tunisia marks a significant step forward in addressing migration issues and strengthening relations between the two regions. It combines efforts to combat people smuggling with much-needed economic support, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to addressing the challenges faced by Tunisia.