Eyes on the Judiciary: Hell for the Nation or Wisdom My Lord?

They voted for me said Wisdom, but Hell isn’t pleased that Wisdom should rule. Is My lord for justice for Wisdom and Hell? Or has he been handed a gift not to tell— the truth of what Wisdom acclaim and the wrong of what Hell proclaim.

Did Hell promise heaven to my lord if he lies? My lord should know that the truth never dies.

Wisdom is the people fighting for their right, Wisdom is the cure for a nation’s plight—an antidote to chaos. Wisdom is needed to push forward a nation, the lack of which can lead to destruction.

This is no choice for my lord to make, this is an act that my lord must take. This is not the choosing between good and evil, this is not being between hell or high water, right or wrong, this or that, this is like breathing air to live.

This is being thirsty and the need for water, this is a case of good old law and order— that my lord had sworn to keep.

Let all men breathe and not just some, let all men lead and not just one.

Don you well my lord your gay apparel

Do not put your crown in peril

If my lord be a man of wisdom and hope

Let not fear ruin his robe

Or greed stain his wig

Let justice heal what is sick

My lord will declare who the nation elect

Even if Hell calls fury

Wisdom is profitable to direct.

A writer at Parallel Facts