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Fans Urge Musa To Step Down From The National Team

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Some supporters have questioned Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa’s invitation to Sunday’s qualifier against Sierra Leone, calling for Musa to leave the team, according to Punch Sports Extra.

For the fifth matchday of the AFCON qualifier, which will take place on June 18 at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Stadium in Liberia, Musa was one of the 23 players invited by Jose Peseiro.

The skipper has played a total of 36 minutes in four games since the start of the 2023 AFCON qualifiers.

The 30-year-old was not used as a substitute in the Eagles’ 2-1 victory over the Leone Stars at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium in Abuja last September, but he did play 32 minutes in their 10-0 destruction of So Tomé and Principe.
He played for barely three minutes in Nigeria’s 1-0 home loss to Guinea-Bissau in the first leg of the doubleheader, and his final outing was a one-minute cameo against the Djurtus on the road.

In between the four AFCON qualifying matches, there were three international friendlies that he was not invited to.

Fans were upset with the former Kano Pillars captain’s continued invitation to the national team due to his recent poor performance for the Eagles.

The forward for Sivasspor tweeted on Saturday: “Like me or hate me, a day will come that you will tell your kids a story about Ahmed Musa Mon.”

Many of the nation’s die-hard football fans demanded that he leave the national squad after his tweet.

Ifasi Ifeanyi advised the Eagles captain not to imitate Nigerian politicians.

“Set an example rather than acting like Nigerian politicians. The two GOATs, Nwankwo Kanu and Austin Okocha, bowed out when it was time, so it’s time to give the young people opportunities. In light of that, you are a legend.

“Is it bad to retire so that young people can get the nod?” Mazi Michael continued. Where have you been performing for the past ten months? Is that how they act overseas?

“We love you, but stop dragging the Super Eagles back; do the honourable thing and retire for the sake of younger and better players who deserve it more than you do right now; you have done your part and your name will never be forgotten in our history; it’s time to call it a day,” wrote Tunde Francis.

Chisco thinks Musa should quit the team since he has nothing left to prove.
“Leave the national squad. At this point in your life, all you can contribute to the team is taking up space. Although I enjoyed watching you play, the time has come for you to go. Tell the coach to go away and stop inviting others.

The Eagles captain was also persuaded to leave the squad by Shaye Abiodun.

“In the context of Nigerian football, you have engraved your name in gold. However, before you are ejected from the squad, please bow respectfully. And once more, would you stand a chance if legendary players like J.J., Kanu Garba Lawal, and co. stayed on the team?

The prince continued, “Bruh, it’s not hate. But the best time to depart is when the applause is strongest. You gave the team your all, and the majority of the supporters believe it’s time to say au revoir (goodbye).

“We’ll surely talk positively to our kids about you! When the country needed you most, you provided everything you had. You’ve done well, so now it’s time to offer other emerging stars an opportunity to serve as well. This booing phase shouldn’t have occurred at all. Raphael Durojaiye tweeted, “We adore you.

Nigeria will remember Musa for his good actions rather than for sitting on the sidelines, Abiodun Ibrahim stated openly.

Emeka Onyenuforo responded to Musa’s tweet as well, writing, “You are completely right there, but keep in mind that all we are saying is to open doors for the new, talented generation to at least approach your admirable accomplishments thus far! We all admire you for being such a fantastic professional and servant, as well as for being so humble.

“No one hates you, Musa; we just feel that our national team deserves better than having you on the list right now. You have given your all, so you should stay away and let younger players play,” Gbagamus Olawoyin continued. You have our undying love.

“We’ll talk about the Ahmed Musa who helped the Super Eagles in the past, not the one who is currently occupying space without helping the squad. Retiring from the national team is the right thing to do. You are a hero already.