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Fashola Denies Writing PEPT Judgment, Calls For Action Against Fake News

Mr. Babatunde Fashola SAN, who used to be Minister of Works and Housing, has rejected the false and slanderous claim that he helped write the decision for the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (PEPT) Judges.

Fashola expressed his displeasure that this false information was spreading on social media in a statement that his Special Adviser for Media, Hakeem Bello, signed.

The former minister asked the security services to do something about people who spread false information.

Fashola responded to the claim by saying that he has been away from Abuja for a long time, which makes the reports completely false.

He called the people who made these dangerous claims “agents of destabilization” and said they should be punished.

Fashola has started the process of making formal complaints about the offensive tweets and online reports with the National Communications Commission (NCC) and the company that runs the microblogging site X (which used to be called Twitter).

He asked the security forces in charge to take this matter very seriously because it goes to the heart of the independence of the courts.

The former Minister thinks that these accusations might be part of a larger plan to hurt the court by people who want to use it to get what they want.

He stressed how important it was to find out who did it and who paid for it, and to make sure they got what they deserved in court.

He told people to ignore these fake claims and to tell security agencies about anyone who spreads such dangerous lies.

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