Federico Valverde Escapes Sanction over Baena case1

Federico Valverde Escapes Sanction over Baena Case

Real Madrid’s Federico Valverde has been cleared of all accusations and will not be sanctioned over the case of Villarreal’s Alex Baena.

The player is cleared to start next season with no sanctions or suspensions.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation’s Completion committee has decided not to sanction Real Madrid’s Federico Valverde for punching Alex Baena in the Santiago Bernabeu parking lot which reportedly happened in April.

Federico Valverde Escapes Sanction over Baena case

Alex Baena’s statement was full of inconsistencies compared to what was recorded by the CCTV in the parking lot of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

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The Villarreal player failed to give a consistent story of what happened in the tunnel

The federal process has also been closed and there would be no case against Federico Valverde.

The investigation committee will not suspend the player since there is No Evidence.

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