Abba Ganduje 1

For fear of bloodshed, I boycotted Abba Yusuf’s inauguration. – Ganduje

Abdullahi Ganduje, the former governor of Kano State, disclosed that he skipped Abba Yusuf’s inauguration because he was worried about possible violence. The former Governor and All Progressives Congress (APC) member Ganduje stated security concerns as the reason for missing the ceremony.

The potential for violence and disruption at Yusuf’s inauguration, according to intelligence inputs, prompted Ganduje to put the wellbeing of the populace first, he said.

Ganduje stressed that he is still committed to fostering peace and stability in Kano State despite his absence from the inauguration.

He underlined the importance of a peaceful transfer of power and urged politicians to put the needs of the populace ahead of their own agenda.

Ganduje’s absence from Governor Abba Yusuf’s inauguration underscores the persistent political unrest in Kano State. The PDP and APC’s electoral disagreement has bred uncertainty and stoked worries about the likelihood of bloodshed.

The fact that Ganduje, chose security above attending the ceremony highlights how precarious the political climate is and how crucial it is for electoral issues to be settled peacefully if the state is to advance and remain stable.