Attahiru Bafarawa

Former Governor Bafarawa Warns of Food Insecurity and Educational Backwardness in the North

Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa, a former governor of Sokoto State and a member of the board of trustee of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, has expressed worry on Sunday about the banditry in the North-West and North-East, claiming it has posed a severe danger to food security in Nigeria.

According to him, Bola Tinubu’s administration should prioritize food security rather than discussing cabinet ministerial selections, subsidies, and the economy.

Bafarawa also warned that the North will experience serious educational backwardness over the next 50 years if tough steps were not implemented to reduce insecurity.

In an interview with The PUNCH, Bafarawa made these claims and indicated that numerous primary and secondary schools in Northern Nigeria have been forced to close due to banditry. He added, “This is a serious disaster.”
Bafarawa, however, suggested that the administration define its priorities properly.

In his words, “The government should examine food security because with the rate we are going, in the next three months, we are definitely going to have difficulties in Nigeria, especially in the North-West.

The bandits won’t let farmers work their crops, they say. In addition to the fact that bandits are killing people, this is a highly hazardous situation since in the next months there will be a severe food shortage, particularly in the North West and North East. We thus call on the government to take action and wake up.

“Also, with the way education is going, we will be behind in the next 50 years, as the majority of primary schools in the North have been forced to close due to banditry. There are no elementary or secondary schools, which is a major catastrophe. Therefore, we cannot simply stand by and watch; we must act immediately to prevent further damage.

“Food insecurity in the nation should be actively combatted by the government because it is a serious issue. Let the government make ensuring food security its top priority in whatever it decides to do.

A writer at Parallel Facts