France’s National Day Celebration Quiet Amidst Domestic Challenges

France is set to commemorate its national day, Bastille Day, on Friday with a mix of pageantry and restraint. The focal point of the celebrations will be the military processions, showcasing France’s armed forces.

This year’s special guest will be Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, who will bring Indian troops to join the parades. French President Emmanuel Macron aims to strengthen ties with Mr. Modi, particularly regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, as India is a significant consumer of Russian oil.

However, President Macron’s focus will largely be on domestic matters. The evening festivities will be notably subdued, as authorities have prohibited the possession and sale of fireworks following recent riots triggered by the police killing of a 17-year-old in the Parisian suburbs.

Additionally, President Macron has chosen to reschedule the customary public address that the president delivers on Bastille Day.

While the pomp of the military displays and the presence of international dignitaries bring an air of festivity, France faces internal challenges that demand attention and caution. President Macron seeks to navigate these complexities and address the pressing issues impacting the nation.