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Frustration Grows Over Unfair Practices at Lagos Bus Stations

According to reports, there are unfair practices in many bus stations in Lagos, where some people are given special treatment. This occurs regularly at other bus stations as well.

Twitter user @lollypeezle shared their first-hand experience at Fadeyi BRT park: “Every evening, while people queue legitimately, sweating and waiting for bus, some people just come, form a group, then stroll into the buses first because the coordinators collect cash from them… These guys always enter first.

The coordinator will enter after they are seated, collect 200, 100, 500 Naira as they have, then he taps their card. They don’t need to queue. They just come and enter bus straight while people sweat on the legit long queue. It’s unfair.”

Bus Station

Similar incidents have been reported at Leventis and Onipanu bus stations. However, Dopemu BRT park appears to be more coordinated, with only occasional bus delays.

Many people have expressed their frustration with this unfair treatment. One individual shared their experience with the Obalende Bus Terminal, calling it “unprofessional.” Another person commented that if you don’t have “weerey” you can’t enter the BRT at Onipanu.

This situation requires the attention of the management of these bus stations to ensure fair treatment for all passengers.

Bus Station

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