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Fuel Hike: Tinubu Intentionally Punishing Nigerians-NLC President Ajaero


Nigerians are being misled about the cost of gasoline, according to Joe Ajaero, president of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

NLC President Ajaero claimed during a TV interview that the common people are being punished needlessly.

The product’s pump price reportedly increased to N617 per liter in the federal capital territory (FCT) and N568 per liter in Lagos.

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The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC), he claimed, is only somewhat cunning while Tinubu’s administration is playing tricks on Nigerians.

The NLC President said it is not true that NNPCL can import and claim that the goods were brought in by marketers, he said.

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“If the government stops providing subsidies for petroleum products and then there is an unexpected price hike just before committee meetings are about to begin, why then will the government seek a court injunction and take other measures if it is not their business?

“It appears that we have entered a period in which Nigerians are suffering needless punishment and where lies are popping up everywhere the NLC President reiterated.

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“If you have a single market where everyone must exchange their money at N800 to $1 and you remove the market where individuals were exchanging their money at N450 to import, then the instant the value of the dollar rises to even N900 or N1000, you will tell us that you imported it at the current rate.

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“Despite the fact that the goods you currently possess are not those that were imported for N800,

“It is obvious that the government is playing games with Nigerians. What is taking place is a rule of impunity rather than economics.

Bola Tinubu said that “petrol subsidies are gone” on May 29. This statement immediately caused the price of the commodity to increase at the pump. throughout the nation.