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G20 Energy Ministers Stumble: Fossil Fuel Phase Down and Renewable Goals in Disarray

In a critical gathering of G20 energy ministers in Goa, India, representing over 75% of global emissions, hopes for a comprehensive agreement on the “phase down” of fossil fuels were dashed as discord and differing viewpoints dominated the discussions.

The failure to reach a unanimous decision has raised concerns about the urgent need to address climate change and transition to sustainable energy sources.

During the meeting, some fossil-fuel-producing nations advocated focusing on carbon-removal technologies as an alternative approach to reducing emissions.


This perspective found support among certain member countries, but it faced strong opposition from others who argued for immediate and substantial cuts to fossil fuel consumption.

Russia and Saudi Arabia emerged as prominent opponents to plans that aimed to triple renewable energy generation capacity by 2030.

Their resistance further complicated efforts to set ambitious targets for transitioning to cleaner and renewable energy sources, which are considered vital to mitigating the effects of climate change.

The G20’s inability to secure a complete agreement on fossil fuel reduction and renewable energy expansion highlights the challenges of finding common ground among countries with diverse energy needs and economic interests.

The outcome of this meeting underscores the pressing urgency for global collaboration and concerted efforts to address the climate crisis. As environmental concerns intensify, the world watches with heightened anticipation for more concrete and unified actions from the international community to combat the looming threat of climate change.



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