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Governor Alex Otti Commissions Three Roads in Aba

Governor Alex Otti has commissioned three roads in Aba, marking a significant step towards improving the city’s infrastructure. The roads, namely Emelogu, Shallom, and Cemetery roads, have been newly rehabilitated and are now ready for use.

The newly commissioned roads are equipped with solar street lights, enhancing the safety and accessibility of these areas during nighttime. This development is part of Governor Otti’s commitment to fulfilling his campaign promises and investing in road infrastructure for economic development.

In addition to the road rehabilitation, a water fountain will be installed at the Emelogu roundabout in the coming weeks. This aesthetic enhancement aims to improve the cityscape and provide a refreshing sight for residents and visitors alike.

Governor Otti expressed his gratitude to the people of Aba for their patience and support during the construction period. He reiterated his administration’s dedication to infrastructural development and assured that more projects are underway.

While these developments might not be considered extraordinary, they represent significant progress for the city of Aba. Each step towards development, no matter how big or small, contributes to the overall progress of a community. The completion of these roads is indeed a noteworthy achievement that will benefit all Abians.