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Governor Muftwang Laments Unpaid Salaries Amounting to N11 Billion Left by Lalong

The Governor of Plateau State, Barr. Caleb Muftwang has revealed that the former governor of the state, Simon Lalong, left behind a significant debt of N11 billion in unpaid salaries for workers.

Muftwang discovered that Lalong’s administration had accumulated a three-month salary arrear before leaving office.

He also stated that the treasury is not sufficient enough to address the accumulated salary backlog.

As a result, he is actively seeking a loan to fulfill the outstanding salary payments, with the aim of enabling the workers to resume their duties by the end of the month.

Inuguration of Plateau state Governor Caleb Mutfwang 6

“Out of the wages of N2.9bn for the month of February 2023, only N900 million was paid to the workers by the past administration.

“As of now, I can tell the people of Plateau, without politicking, that we are owing salaries up to May to the tune of N11 billion.

“I have not pressured the workers who are currently on strike to return to their duty posts because I am sourcing for money to enable me to pay their salaries before they could resume work by the end of the month”, he said.

Muftwang further elucidated that he did not terminate the employment of any worker working under Lalong’s administration. Instead, he temporarily suspended them in order to facilitate a fair and proper procedure.

“We did not sack any worker but only suspended the recruitment exercise because we discovered that some of them who were employed by the past administration had their employment letters backdated. This is wrong. So, we are investigating the matter to ensure that laid down rules and regulations are followed,” the Governor said.