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Governor Peter Mbah signs Enugu State Electricity Bill into Law

The Governor of Enugu State, Peter Mbah, has signed into law the Enugu State electricity bill. The Governor described this as a Major step in economic growth, to make the State a Major place for investment and businesses, and to enhance living across the State. The event took place on Friday, September 16th, at the Government House in Enugu.

The Governor opined that he aims to project Enugu State’s economy from $4.4 billion to $30 billion, which would be an unfulfilling dream in the absence of an adequate and stable power supply in the state, hence the need for the Electricity Law, which has been received and accepted by the National Assembly.

Speaking at the Event, he said, “As you know, following the constitutional Amendment and the Electricity Act of 2034, electricity is now on the concurrent list. This will now enable us to play in the value chains of the electricity industry. So Enugu State has spared no time in making sure that we create our own electricity market. This is the crux of this law.

“We are now able to play in the generation, transmission, and distribution segments of the electricity market. We are also, through our regulatory commission, which this law has given us to create, going to be able to regulate the activities of these players, which are the Generation, transmission, and distribution companies that will flow from it. ”

“So, this is a significant and very important law towards the achievement of the Enugu of our dreams because the development and growth of Enugu will all be predicated on the platter test this has created. You cannot talk about industry or private sector investment if you don’t have electricity. Enugu, under our administration, is designated and indeed prepared to be the premier destination for investment, and this law is one of the enablers. Therefore, we thank members of the Enugu State House of Assembly for the expeditious way they treated the bill, which has become law today with this assent.” The Governor stated